General information

Do the products contain Bisphenols?

The Biodora products do not contain Bisphenols or harmful plasticizers (EU 1935/2004 proofed).

Where can I buy the products?

Just contact us and we will happily provide the answer.

I would like to sell your products!

That's great:) Our sales manager Michael Sprengnagel will provide you any information needed: 0043 664 833 16 22, Email

Biodora wood

Which ressources are used?

For our Biodora wood products we only use beech and cherry tree wood which comes from a certified sustainable forestry from the EU.

For our vegetable and pot brush we use agave fibres.

For our brushes we  use pork bristle.

Are the products certified?

Yes, we have a PEFC-certification. This means that we are only allowed to deliver products from controlled susatainble forestry.

Things worth knowing:

The wood products are kept natural. They are made from one piece without any glue, paint or varnish. Please take care, that the wood products are kept dry without high temperature changes (dishwasher!). In this cases the product might change its shape or break.

Biodora starch

Which renewable ressources are used?

For the Biodora products made of starch we use minerals, waxes and sugar cane. Even the colors used are from natural origin.

Are the products GMO free?

YES, we are happy to announce that we are GMO free :)

What percentage is the part of organic ingredients?

The Biodora starch products were tested by an independent institute. The result: 98% organic ingredients.

Cleaning note:

Manual washing increases the product's life. If you do wash it in your dishwasher please take care that no other product puts weight on the Biodora product. In that case the product might change its form. After cleaning the products should be dryed.

Dora's glass

Which renewable ressources are used?

Glass is naturally made of sand, limestone and sodium carbonate.

Which designs of the Dora's bottle are available?

You will find a list of designs here.